Thursday, June 11, 2015

Deal! Tarrytown's "The Thrifty Squirrel"

I thought I knew every good deal in Tarrytown--Hank's Alley, The Clothing Closet, Trilogy, The Cherry Door....but, NO! There's a new(ish) small mammal in town, and you've got to check it out:
The Thrifty Squirrel

If Chippy ever gets tired of his look, we're going glitter like Squirrel Diva here.
Btw: Google "DIY taxidermy Repair" and you'll see that The Happy Badger is #1! HAH!

Local Connector Friend Jeanne had been shouting from the rooftops about The Thrifty Squirrel, but the endless, brutal winter and devastating Pollen Apocalypse of spring made it too easy for me to delay checking it out. 
Immediately after meeting up with The Kindest Strangers, Marilyn and Marge, however, I felt all pumped up and took the stairs inside Hank's Alley to make the acquaintance of a fellow lover of good deals and The (Adjective) Furry Mammal names. It was a good decision.
The place is a bright and cozy den, with displays of linens, costume jewelry, and ceramics to keep you darting from corner to corner.
Good balance of glam zebra and neutral-but-intriguing table and chairs.
And look in the bowls on the table--$1 SCORES! I just kept pawing through this basket.
Touch, turn things over, explore!

I can't guarantee that this is still available, but if it is, it shouldn't be! Summer party tray!

Look behind displays and you get MORE DISPLAY! Vintage gloves and hankies...

Toys, toys, toys!

I bought an excellent chunk of colorful jasper ($3!) for a kid named Jasper...
but it seems that a Badgerette has squirrelled it away for herself....sigh.

This is THE place for fabric, linens, and accessory lovers.
Hanky Panky.

The only place everyone is welcome to blurt out, "Hey, check out that rack!"

Excellent quality and good prices. I don't ask for more than that.

The squirrel has lots of Mid-century, but I still harbor a crush on Mission.

Lots and lots and lots of inexpensive, high-quality jewelry...

Mercedes and Katy both know the good stuff when they see it, and they want you to take it home for a very reasonable price.

Stop by! Katy and Mercedes will raise your spirits, even if they have to use vintage toys to do so.
So, go on--take the stairs to visit The Thrifty Squirrel. You'll be happy you did.
The Thrifty Squirrel
24 Kaldenberg Pl (above Hank's Alley)
Tarrytown, New York
(914) 356-5861

copyright 2015, Tanya Monier


  1. Replies
    1. Good, Jessica! It's filled with great finds.

  2. This is my kind of place. From time to time I get to the Catskills so I might just have to make a detour. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

    1. Hey, Jo, welcome to The Happy Badger! I love replies to posts, so thanks for making the time. And, yes, you should make the time for a Tarrytown detour! Hank's Alley, directly downstairs from The Thrifty Squirrel, make an unbeatable duo. And then, go to Coffee Labs for a great java. Let me know if you do drop by there, ok?