Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hustle, pt. 3: Hank's Alley

Not long ago, Hank, my second-hand-furniture-dealing crush, gruffed at me, "Honey, you got Hustle."

Hank should know. Hank has Hustle. And I mean that as a compliment.
You can understand my crush: just look at that man, hanging out with Elwood and Jake.
I wander through his shop, Hank's Alley, at least once a week. It's the one antique store in town that doesn't think of itself as an antique store. That means I can afford stuff.

Hank's the only businessman I have ever met who regularly says, "Don't worry about the price on that tag. If you want it, I'll make sure you can get it."

This brutally cold winter has been brutal to all local businesses, Hank's included.  Today, I want to take you on a quick tour of the store, which is expanding into the second floor of the renovated firehouse on the corner of Kaldenberg and Central Ave in Tarrytown. 
The new upstairs is now set up with homey little scenes, like an Ikea showroom.
Half the furniture in my house comes from Hank: Deco wardrobes and sideboards, WWII era bookcases, rock maple dressers. end tables. Hank's Alley specializes in beautiful, unkillable, American-made furniture.

But look what else the man has for sale this winter.

An 8 foot tall birdcage. Hi, Frank, peeking out back there!

Vintage rocking horse.
Happy Days lunchbox

Winged Thai god. Ask for a special combo deal with the bird cage!
Vintage miniature kitchen appliances. American-made!

For the Disney lover in your life.
Beautiful display of stained glass windows.
Box of terrifying antique dolls.

Hank's Alley can furnish your home and your dreams (or nightmares, if you get those dolls). You call it.

Good stuff. Great prices. Go check it out.

Hours: Wed - Sun, 10am - 5pm; Mon, Tue, closed
24 Kaldenberg Place, Tarrytown, NY 10591
Phone:(914) 524-9895

Copyright 2014, Tanya Monier


  1. Bummer! Now I have to go there and spend money. I will certainly give that smokey place a second chance now.

  2. Success! It's the best smokey den of deals you'll ever see!